Contra Costa County residents need reliable fire protection, access to quality healthcare and affordable early childhood services. Yes on Measure X will create sustainable revenues to ensure our access to fire, health and safety net services.

Resulting from severe underfunding, East Contra Costa Fire operates only 3 fire stations covering 259 square miles and over 120,000 residents. This shortage has placed additional pressure on neighboring fire districts, especially Contra Costa County Fire Protection District, increasing wait times and putting lives at risk across the county. 

  • Contra Costa’s regional hospital faces a budget deficit of over $70 million, with public and community clinics facing staff reductions and potential discontinuation of services, leaving thousands of people without access to healthcare during a pandemic.
  • Families struggle to find affordable and accessible early learning opportunities, making it difficult for parents to get back to work.
  • Lack of housing and mental health services are the leading cause of homelessness in the county; 
  • Interpersonal violence - domestic abuse, child abuse, elder abuse, trafficking and sexual assault - reports have risen from 2017-2019.
  • The county has a shortage of over 150 eligibility workers to link vulnerable residents with life saving and stabilizing programs, leaving millions of state and federal dollars unused.
  • Local nonprofits, which are already underfunded, have been challenged to provide a wide range of services to an increasing number of people.

Vote Yes on Measure X to create a new revenue stream for firefighting, the hospital and our kids!

County revenue raised through Healthy and Safe Contra Costa will help fund public- and community-provided services including: 

  • Keeping the County Hospital open
  • Improving fire and emergency services
  • Preventing child, elder and domestic abuse
  • Increasing availability of public and community health services and lower wait times 
  • Improving outcomes for individuals seeking behavioral health or substance abuse treatment 
  • Connecting vulnerable residents with necessary healthcare and other general assistance programs 

Measure X will raise an estimated $81 million annually to fund these essential services. Before the pandemic, this measure would have made the county stronger, but it is now a necessity.

This year has highlighted the importance of safeguarding our fire services, public health facilities and critical early childhood and safety net services that our residents are relying on to keep their families healthy and safe. 

Join us this November

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