County Needs

Following five months of public meetings, a working group of stakeholders representing local labor unions, the hospital association and county nonprofits compiled identified needs for the health and prosperity for everyone in Contra Costa County. The resulting Needs Assessment highlighted gaps in health and emergency services, safety net programs, housing and early childhood services.

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What People Are Saying

“Before being enrolled in CARES, managing my diabetes was more difficult. I often missed work when my blood sugar was too high. With CARES, I don’t have to worry about the cost of the appointment or lab tests. And Brookside keeps me on track by calling me when it’s time for my next appointment. Having access to medicine has helped stabilize my health.” -County resident

“During a regular check-up, I saw a child who exhibited behavioral problems and other signs of urgent mental health challenges. I initially referred the family to a mental health service provider in the same clinic, but due to restrictions the clinic was unable to treat the child without a diagnosis. I then referred them to a non-profit service provider, but their waiting list was too long. Finally, I reached out to a mental health provider that I know personally in hopes that my young patient could be seen. However, a few months later at my patient’s next check-up, the child was still awaiting diagnosis as the parent had not heard from any of the providers which I attempted to refer them to.” -Local pediatrician

“Since we began tracking interpersonal violence data in 2015, we have observed an uptick in domestic violence in Contra Costa County. By removing barriers to services, victims have found it easier to seek the interventions they need to change their lived experience. As we enter week 7 of the regional shelter-in-place order, we are witnessing an alarming increase in police reports of domestic abuse, and anecdotal stories of child and elder abuse. In times of county emergency and prosperity, reliable public funding is critical to protect the vulnerable in our community and cycles of abuse.”  -Family Justice Center

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